BCN DESIGNS emerges as a Fashion Design Studio in 2004, when its founder Marta Artigas, after 10 years designing, producing and marketing her own brand of bags and accessories, broadens her horizons as a design consultant and stylist for other firms. In this way, BCN DESIGNS Studio consolidates today with more than 25 years of expertise in fashion offering a fully comprehensive design scope and service, advising their clients from the beginning of each season, where trends emerge to create each of their collections, up to the review and final confirmation of the finished product.


Given our transversal experience in the fashion industry, we know each and every one of the manufacturing processes, so our technical specifications are concise and practical, avoiding ambiguities or impossible fabrications, being able to guide and advise our client during the entire development process.
Our passion for design and fashion in general, as well as having collaborated with brands of very diverse style and scope, allows BCN DESIGNS to customize our work according to each individual client, tailoring to their brand philosophy, style, needs and target.

Due to our wide professional background, network, and constant connection with the latest trends and innovations, BCN DESIGNS Studio offers a top-tier service for your design needs, and raises your brand to the standards of (top class level) first-class showcases.

“Your Design Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

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