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We tailor our collections to the style and philosophy of each brand, with the goal of preserving its identity, but updating it with the most advanced trends and according to the requirements of the market where the client wants to target their offer.
Likewise, we make sure the collections fit with the target audience and their selection criteria, to maximize sales success.

Trends on

We offer expert advice on raw materials, be it leather or fabrics, fittings and trimmings, with actual references to materials. Given our vast experience developing collections and testing materials, and having been a manufacturing brand ourselves for years, we have gained deep expertise in this matter. We can even provide contact of suppliers for your procurement, if deemed necessary.

As a differentiation touch, we design customized fittings to be developed exclusively for your brand.
on styles
On top of our own internal research to select the foundation for our designs, we offer advisory on trends and prominent thematics of the season, alongside its inspirational basis.
Further advisory on color trend palettes and on shapes and details applicable into each collection such as prints, laser patterns or embroideries.


We study thoroughly the needs of our client to be able to offer collections based on their market demand, incorporating the desires and aspirations of the final customers, tailoring to their style and target price. Having collaborated with very diverse brands over the years enabled us to get acquainted with different target customers and audiences and gain the capacity to adjust to the desired targeted market.
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