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We provide our clients a comprehensive global service, that includes:
1. A curated selection of all relevant fashion trends, sorted and targeted to the individual needs of every Brand
2. Customized product designs tailored to the style and Brand philosophy of every client.
3. Expert technical specifications, with detail precision details for manufacturing
4. Follow-up during development and fabrication process, with prototype and sample revisions, until the correct final version.
5. Creation of a professional and complete digital catalogue of your collections, for online distribution, sales activities and successful display to your customers.
With this full-scope service we are fully invested in helping our clients achieve and maximize success in their objectives and sales forecasts.


We deep-dive to the source of every idea and inspiration, making sure the most suitable trends are applied to each project, in materials, colors, and designs.
Our toolbox and sources include top-market platforms, like the prestigious WGSN, alongside first-line presence on a selection of international fashion and accessory Fairs.

product map
Our design projects are shaped to the needs of every individual client, and are based upon deep knowledge of formats and essential details for each season.
Working closely with our clients enables us to capture and tailor for their market, target Price, philosophy and approach. All in all, to guarantee the success of our collections.
The first result of the design project is the development of a Product Map, that integrates the selected trends, brand styles, and formats to be developed for every of their collections.
Creating proposals including all the detailed elements to be checked and discussed with our customer (see Product map Outline)
product design

Upon validation and approval of the Product map from the client, we initiate the process of specific Product design, providing detailed and visual designs for every piece.


Given our transversal experience in the fashion industry, we know each and every one of the manufacturing processes, so our technical specifications are concise and practical, avoiding ambiguities or wrong instructions that goes to impossible fabrications, being able to guide and advise our client during the entire development process.


A good design is only such when it can successfully become a real product. That’s why we follow-up and guide our client’s development process for every prototype, until the final simple is achieved, completely approved and ready for production.

This follow-up process may be delivered either in-person on the client facilities or from our studio, with all technological tools at our reach today.
Online catalogue
New Service

Adjusting to the current times, where is not always viable to show the collections in Fairs, and given the challenges on travelling and in-person sales visits, we are aware of the need of a professional sales Catalogue to share online with your final clients. A top-level Catalogue that conveys, in a detailed and vanguards’ way, the particularities of every piece, showcasing the essence and inspiration that brought to the creation of each collection, and the characteristics that makes it appealing and unique.

With that in mind, using the finished final samples received from the client, we elaborate a premium Catalogue to share online with your clients, full of precise pictures and explanatory video that will help grasp and understand every detail and see your bags in movement.

This is a new service that our studio is offering, with a very high appreciation by the market, and closing the full-service loop for our clients – completely bridging from creation to sales.

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